It Just Gets Better All The TimeI

Seriously, life just keeps getting better and better! There's a whole lot of rough moments in between the good ones but whenever I take the time to take a step back and look at things, life is wonderful. Stress and difficulties are always going to be there. That's life. But I have SO much good around me and things to smile about! I've got a good feeling about 2014! 

Standing! With a little help of course :)

I would say this is the definition of 'chill in'

Playing the piano with his PopPop

He discovered his diaper the other day. He's always grabbing and pulling at it when he's naked. Oh great, trying to take off the diaper already! Such a little curious dude.

He also found his tongue! He's constantly stinking it out and wiggling his tongue around.

Pullin a move on miss Ella Rose! 

This picture makes my heart so happy. Beautiful kids!

He's learned how to hold his bottle by himself, for the most part. He still needs  a little help here and there but it's so dang nice to have him be able to do it on his own!

I absolutely treasure my mornings playing with this handsome guy. P.S. Those teeth! I'm dying!

Sunday fun-day with the Palmer's and the Stika's over for dinner and some football

Hudson loves playing with Quinn while Momma has to go to work!

The best part of my day? When this little guy snuggles me after his naps and before bed. It's got to be the best feeling in the whole world.

Having fun with Nana at her house!

Watching some Gold Rush with PopPop.  LOVE that this kid is so cuddly!

Celebrating Grandpa Jody's birthday at Ruby River

All I could thing was "Please don't pee! Please don't pee!"

Hanging out in the family room and Nick and I look down to see this UMMMM HE'S ON HIS HANDS AND KNEES! I think I know what comes next … Yikes!

This only happens maybe once a week but when it does,  oh I treasure every second!