It Just Gets Better All The TimeI

Seriously, life just keeps getting better and better! There's a whole lot of rough moments in between the good ones but whenever I take the time to take a step back and look at things, life is wonderful. Stress and difficulties are always going to be there. That's life. But I have SO much good around me and things to smile about! I've got a good feeling about 2014! 

Standing! With a little help of course :)

I would say this is the definition of 'chill in'

Playing the piano with his PopPop

He discovered his diaper the other day. He's always grabbing and pulling at it when he's naked. Oh great, trying to take off the diaper already! Such a little curious dude.

He also found his tongue! He's constantly stinking it out and wiggling his tongue around.

Pullin a move on miss Ella Rose! 

This picture makes my heart so happy. Beautiful kids!

He's learned how to hold his bottle by himself, for the most part. He still needs  a little help here and there but it's so dang nice to have him be able to do it on his own!

I absolutely treasure my mornings playing with this handsome guy. P.S. Those teeth! I'm dying!

Sunday fun-day with the Palmer's and the Stika's over for dinner and some football

Hudson loves playing with Quinn while Momma has to go to work!

The best part of my day? When this little guy snuggles me after his naps and before bed. It's got to be the best feeling in the whole world.

Having fun with Nana at her house!

Watching some Gold Rush with PopPop.  LOVE that this kid is so cuddly!

Celebrating Grandpa Jody's birthday at Ruby River

All I could thing was "Please don't pee! Please don't pee!"

Hanging out in the family room and Nick and I look down to see this UMMMM HE'S ON HIS HANDS AND KNEES! I think I know what comes next … Yikes!

This only happens maybe once a week but when it does,  oh I treasure every second!


Happy New Year!

2013 treated our family pretty darn good this year! I am always very nostalgic the last week of December every year. I am so grateful for everything we have been blessed with. Sometimes it's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and focus on the difficult. But we are so blessed. We have much more than so many others. Here's to more memories, more hugs and kisses, and more love in 2014. 


December Fun

So, I'm still really good about taking pictures of my sweet boy, but not so good at blogging them. Oops! Here's our month of December in pictures!

Handsome boy at church

Playing with Nana's awesome toys. Those toys used to be mine!

Oh hey baby! 

That jumper wore him right out

Morning fun at CiCi's house!

What's with this guys facial hair?! :)

TWO teeth! His first one cam in 11/25 and the second on 12/4! Still no sign of a third tooth anywhere

Our mini-christmas tree. Didn't want one that Hudson could roll into this year and since he isn't old enough to understand the concept of 'no' we opted for a small out-of-reach tree.

Cousin Dax LOVES Hudson! And H loves him right back!

I absolutely treasure these snuggles 

So excited he can barely contain it! Yay for Rio! He's starting to like Mulan, and Tangled too!

Telling Nana about his day :)

Teachin em young :)

Visiting Daddy at work for lunch

Lunch with Papa Kelly. He even got a fry!

Quinn making a move. Doesn't look like he's having it haha

Hudson loves MoMo. She's the best tickler!

Borrowing Adi's rocking horse. Looks like he likes it! 

Melts my heart … Nick is such a great Daddy.

Family Christmas Party time!

Grandma and Grandpa Stika

His first present of the year!

Looking smart in Papa Kelly's specs!

That hair!! <3 td="">

This is the face of a sick baby. He threw up for 3 days straight it was the worst! Luckily we were able to stay away from the hospital since he kept pedialyte down. But no formula for THREE days. I was sure a happy momma when that was over with.

Finally feeling better!

I had to snap a pic… this is how my boy sleeps! Just like his momma

"I'm ready for some food mom!" His favorites? Banana and orange medley, pears, and applesauce! 

Guess the Walmart trip wasn't exciting enough

So … Looks like nap time is a no-go then? haha

This is how Hudson helps momma cook Christmas candies

We had a Christmas party with all of our friends at the bowling alley. Proudly I got the 'trophy' for highest scoring girl! Woot! Jeremy got the high score for dudes, and Brandi got the lowest of us all! :)

The Crew! 

He love loved those fish at Scheels

Gimme it! Gimme it! Gimme it!

Not digging his hair cut this time. But it sure looks handsome!

Taking in the lights with Nana, Papa Kelly, Savannah, Dad, and Momma. Hudson insisted on being held by his Dad only!

Buddy gift exchange! 

Cheese! Cleavage! Squints! 

Christmas Eve with the Stikas. We had our traditional ham dinner, pineapple glaze, twice baked potatoes, rolls, and yams for dinner. Then there was pie for dessert. Santa always brings us pajamas and then we open the presents we've bought for eachother.

Enjoying his tools while we enjoyed some ham

Present time! 

Christmas jammies!

Hudson lovin Dad's gift from Papa Kelly

Christmas morning

Hudson with all his loot!

We got to talk to our favorite Elder on Christmas Day. He's healthy and oh so happy! Only 11 months left until he's home!

Enjoying some time with the Chadwick's in the afternoon of Christmas Day

All tuckered out after a long day of present opening and eating

Lovin on his present from Aunt Haley. Love that little cheesy grin! It's his new thing; eye squint and everything!

PERFECT snicker doodles with my new PERFECT Christmas pans!

Date with Mommy and Daddy at Wingers

Sunday dinner at the Stika's. I couldn't help but get a picture of this handsome boy and his ADORABLE outfit

Cousin lovin! 3 boys, Rio, and a whole lot of toys. Can't go wrong there!

I LOVE my morning time in bed playing with this handsome dude

His newest thing: cheesing it all day long! The best!

Really getting after that fry!

'Hey Mom! These toys make me happy happy happy!'